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    Prosna Continues To Add New Off Shore Die Casting Foundries To Its Workforce
        Prosna is proud to announce that it is continuing to expand it range and capabilities in the die castings industry.  We continue to monitor and audit our current vendors, as well as interview and access new suppliers to assure our customers of a wide range of manufacturing capabilities. Based on recent audits we have added 3 more die casting foundries to our Asian workforce. This allows us to offer various die casting products from over 35 different die cast foundries in China, India, and Taiwan. Between the various foundries Prosna can offer die castings in aluminum, copper, lead, magnesium, tin, and zinc alloys. Because of the numerous foundries we work with we are also able to provide completely finished die castings with almost any secondary operation or finish needed. This allows Prosnas customers to simplify their purchasing, because we offer access to wide range high quality precision components at reduced cost from a single source.

    Prosna is a global sourcing specialist and is based in Munster, Indiana, a suburb of Chicago. We began over 50 years ago by providing raw materials, equipment, and finish components to western Europe during it re-building phase following WWII. Since then, as our customer base expanded, our vendor data base has grown to include all type of metal manufacturing and fabrication capabilities. We now provide castings (die, investment, sand), die forgings, metal stampings, (punching, forming, deep drawn & fine blanking), and precision cnc machining. We can also offer most secondary operations, which allows us to provide to our customers a very broad range of completely finish products. Furthermore, Prosna fully assures the quality of each and every shipment. This means, that you do not have to worry about any international disputes.  We also handle all of the aspects of international buying; translations, currency exchange, shipping, and customs clearance. Prosna provides you custom components FOB our warehouse in Munster, Indiana. Full containers of goods can be drop shipped to the nearest rail yard.

    If you want the benefits of the global marketplace, without having to handle the intricacies of international purchasing, call Prosna today.

    Prosna, Inc.
    530 Superior Avenue
    Munster, Indiana 46321 USA
    Tel 219-924-1252
    Fax 219-924-1260
    Branson Stone, President
    bstone@prosna.com # # #

    We specialize in the global sourcing of custom manufactured metal parts.
    Castings, forgings, metal stampings, CNC machining

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