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    The Guangzhou Int'l Metal & Metallurgical exhibition Leaping forward in the new course - 13th session

    in the 12th exhibition scenes, there are about 10000 square meters booth reservations for the next year.

    Tisco 130sqm,Baoshan steel 156sqm, HengDa Stainless Steel Welded Tubes Manufacture (Zhaoqing) Co., Ltd 45 sqm, Yangzi River Delta Association of Sheet Metal 210sqm, Shenzhen Sino Master Steel Sheet Co., Ltd 72sqm, YICHANG THREE GORGES QUANTONG COATED AND GALVANIZED PLATE CO.,LTD. 156sqm, Shandong Tangrong Steel Co., Ltd 18sqm, JIANGYIN WALSIN SPECIALTY ALLOY MATERIALS CO.,LTD 114sqm, Guangzhou Mysun Mechanical & Electrical Co., Ltd 36sqm, Sutor Group 90sqm, XI''AN WALSIN METAL PRODUCTS CO.,LTD 36sqm, Liqin (HK)Co., Ltd Dongguan Reputation 36sqm, Yatai 40sqm, Dong Guan Jin Ding Machine Co., Ltd 54sqm, Dongguan Jin Ding Machine Co., Ltd 54sqm, Zhenxin 18sqm, Gopoing 18sqm, Dongguang Likexing Spring Machinery Co.,Ltd 54sqm, DONGGUAN KAICHUANG PRECISION MACHINERY CO.,LTD 100sqm, Xinghua Suyuan Jingwei Pipes Manufacture Co., Ltd 18sqm, Shengzhou Gold Lion Spring Machine Co.,Ltd 81sqm, Guilin Wintime Testing Machine Co.,Ltd 18sqm, Jiangsu advance Stainless Products Limited 36sqm, Ganxin 18sqm, and so on. Some of our regular customers increased the booths based on the original foundation, for instant, U.S.A Ametek Inc/ Germeny Spectro Analysis Co., Ltd 36sqm, Dongguan Tianqi Machinery Co., Ltd. 60sqm, Dongguan Guangjin CNC Equipment Co., Ltd 36sqm, Dongguan Guangjin CNC Equipment Co., Ltd 36sqm, Luoyang Xianheng CNC Machine Tool Co., Ltd 72sqm, Shizai 36sqm, Taisheng 36sqm, Dongguan Youhui Machinery Co., Ltd/ Lijia(Dongguan)Spring Equipment Co., Ltd 36sqm. All the results showed that our exhibition made great success.

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