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    The 12th Guangzhou Int'l Metal & Metallurgy Exhibition was accomplished successfully on June25,2011
    The 12th China (Guangzhou) International Metal &Metallurgy
    Exhibition final report
    Having held between 23th -25th June 2011 at the largest exhibition hall-China Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex, the 12th China (Guangzhou) International Metal & Metallurgy Exhibition was accomplished successfully. There are more than 600 exhibitors from both at home and abroad and the total showing areas reach 25000 square meters. It attracts lots of visitors for business talk and negotiation.
    The exhibition, which was held by Guangzhou Julang Exhibition and Design Co., Ltd, was held at the very time when the government is stimulating domestic demand after the international financial crisis. The exhibition is timely sifted out the domestic metal metallurgy industry; adjusts the structure of products, promotes the technology to be upgraded. This exhibition attracts a lot of professional associations and organizations which is from more than 19 countries. The exhibition was displaying the latest global metal metallurgical products and manufacturing technology.
    The Unique Features of the 12th China (Guangzhou) International Metal &Metallurgy Exhibition
    1. Partition show, linked together, forming a complete marketing chain
    The showing was divided into several sections for the convenience of professional buyers and exhibition customers. The products and equipments of each section were unique; however, they connected with each other, forming a complete marketing chain.
    1.1 The Tube and Stainless Steel Exhibition
    The key exhibitors are as follows:
    Abesteel Corporation,BGH Edelstahlwerke GmbH,KOREA KWANGMYONG JOINT CORP.(D.P.R.K), Davi Promau,Taian Kenuo Profile Steel Co., Ltd ,Hubei Xinyegang Steel Co. Ltd.,xi’an huaxin steel, Jiangsu Juxin Petroleum Steel Co., Ltd, JIANGYIN WALSIN SPECIALTY ALLOY MATERIALS CO., LTD, Bada Stainless Steel Co., Ltd, Tianjin Zhongshun Petroleum Steel Pipe Co., Ltd,Jiangsu advance Stainless Products Limited,WINNER STAINLESS STEEL TUBE CO.,LTD,Jiangsu Josen Special Steel Products Co.,Ltd,Shenzhen Huijun Metals Co., Ltd,Xinghua Su Yuan Jingwei Pipes Manufacture Co., Ltd,Dongtai Chenyang Special Steel Co., Ltd,hejiang Shengyang Stainless Steel Co., Ltd,Jiangsu Kylin Tube Manufacture Co., Ltd,Foshan Shuangxing,FOSHAN YAOLONG METAL CO.,LTD,Zhejiang Hongli,Shanxi Dehui seanless steel tube Co. Ltd.,NINGBO MONTH INTERNATIONAL TRADE CO.,LTD,Taiwan Qiaosheng,Shandong Topsky steel Co. Ltd,Haiyan Sentai Steel Co., Ltd,Hebei bohai fittings manufacture Co., LTD/LongXiang pipeline equipment industrial Co., LTD,Anhui Kzng Yang Staznless Steeltube Co.,Ltd,handong Tangrong Steel Co.,Ltd,Nantong Yongda Pipe Industry Incorporated Company,Tianjin Frend lmport& export Co. Ltd,Yangzhou Yalian Steel pipe Co., Ltd,WANCHUAN STAINLESS STEEL CO., LTD,Wuxi Jielong,XingHua XinYun Special PRODUCTS Co.,Ltd,Jiangmen City First Metal Surface Finishing Co.,Ltd and so on.
    1.2 Metal sheet, rod, wire section
    Bosteel , Sutor Group, YICHANG THREE GORGES QUANTONG COATED AND GALVANIZED PLATE CO.,LTD., Tisco, Yangzi River Delta Association of Sheet Metal, Shenzhen Sino Master Steel Sheet Co., Ltd, Hunan Valin Xiangtan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., VALIN LYSTEEL, Zhejiang Tiannu Color Steel Co.,Ltd, Guangdong Haguan, Qingyuan Dongshang, Wuhan Twin Tigers coatings Co., ltd, Shenzhen Kaiqiangli, Foshan Qianjin, Gudong Europol Sleel Logistics Co., Ltd, Jiangsu Shenghui Metal Sheet CO., Ltd, Shangdong Xinyu, Hengli CNC Technology Co.,Ltd, TaishanHnegsheng, Shandong jintaide new material Co.,LTD, Shandong Zhongtian Composite Material Co.,Ltd, Taiwan Elida International Holdings Ltd. Shangdon Huanu, Beijing Creditable Science technology development Co., Ltd, Shandong Qianjin, Shandong Zhongguan Steel Plate Co., Ltd etc.. Foundry, casting,die casting section:
    There are a lot of key exhibitors have showed on this exhibition,
    Zhuhai Yichen Die Casting Co.,Ltd, Guangzhou Mysun Mechanical & Electrical Co., Ltd, SCHUPP Germany, Cieffe Industries Furnace (Shanghai) Co., Ltd, Kunshan tianyuan prepiaion lndustry Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Jibang Industrial Co., Ltd, Delta Aluminium Industry Co., Ltd, QinhuangdaoYifei, Ipsen Industries Furnaces(Shanghai) Ltd, Wuhan Chuxiong Technolgy Co., Ltd HOP CHOENG INDUSTRIAL(DONG GUAN)LIMITED, xi’an yong'an magmetic partida tasting Technology Co., LTD, Guangdong Strong Metal Technology Co., Ltd. , Shijiazhuang Xinhua Industrial Furnace Co., Ltd., Zhengzhou Kechuang Electronic Co., Ltd, Shun King Metal Casting MFY, Zhengzhou Rijia Power elating equipment Co., Ltd, ZHEJIANG HONGDA CRYSTAL FIBE Co., Ltd, FOSHAN CITY SUIHAI MACHINE ELECTRIC CO.,LTD, Dongguan Yian Technology Co., Ltd/Gaoyao Precision Die casting Co.,Ltd, DYNACAST, Kongsing Manufactory Co., Ltd, ZHEJIANG SHENGGU FOUNDRY CO.,LTD,
    Shanghai LOXOMECHANICAL&ELECTRICAL FACILITES Co., Ltd, ShanDong JinYang Machine Manufacture Co., Ltd, NANJING SHELU(GROUP) CO.,LTD, Jiangsu Fengdong Thermal Technology Co., Ltd, Foshan Shunde Daye Die Casting Industry Co., Ltd, U.S.A Ametek Inc/ Germeny Spectro Analysis Co., Ltd, Apex Metal Co., Ltd, Zhejiang High-Tech Enterprise Co.,Ltd,
    1.3 Spring, Fastener section:
    Dongguan Sanda Spring Machinery Co., Ltd., Dongguan Vinston Automation Co., Ltd, Dongguan Tianqi Machinery Co.,Ltd. JinYuanBao Spring Equipment Co., Ltd, Shanghai simco Machinery Company, Guangzhou Control Devlce Co., Ltd, Seoul Metal (HuiZhou) Co., Ltd, ZheJIANG Shengtuo Machinery Co., Ltd, Luoyang Xianheng CNC Machine Tool Co.,Ltd, Dongguan Jin Ding Machine Co., Ltd, Shengzhou Gold Lion Spring Machine Co., Ltd, DONGGUAN KAICHUANG PRECISION MACHINERY CO., LTD, Shanghai Xinwei Machinery Co., Ltd, Zhejiang Wanneng Spring Machinery Co., Ltd, TNP. Co., Ltd., Dong Guan Jin Ding Machine Co., Ltd, Following Wurong hardware Co., LTD, Following Wurong hardware Co., LTD, Shenzhen Zhengtaixing, Guangyu Metal Factory, ZhongShan City QiangXin Hardware Products Co., Ltd, DEYEDA HARDWARE TOOLS Co., LTD, DONGGUAN RUIKE ZI DONGHUA SHEBEI CO., LTD, Shixi Enterprise Organization (International)Co., Ltd, Dongguan Changxin Metals & Machine Tool Co., Ltd, Gopoing, Comprehen Sive Spring Machinery, Dongguan Youhui Machinery Co., Ltd/ Lijia (Dongguan) Spring Equipment Co., Ltd, Hangzhou Tonglu Sanli Industrial Furnace Factory, Dongguan ZhongChuang Equipment Co., Ltd, Dongguang Likexing Spring Machinery Co., Ltd, Taiwan Self-Locking Fasteners Co., Ltd, ATOLI Machinery Co., Ltd and so on..
    In addition, in order to satisfy the needs of the Metallurgy, there were ore industry and copper industry, the products of Sheet metal and forging, which were also showed on the exhibition.
    The exhibition has been a huge success. Most of the machines and products ware labeled as “The equipment (products) has sold” during the exhibition days. What is more, most of the exhibitors have sighed the contraction for the next year in case of the limited of the good booth.
    2. Gathered many of famous purchasing groups and enterprise from both at home and abroad.
    During the three showing days,there were more than 20 overseas purchasing groups visiting the 12th China (Guangzhou) International Metal & Metallurgy Exhibition,most of them are from the following countries. Malaysia, Australia, Germany, Ukraine, South Korea, Japan, India, Egypt, Thailand, Russia, Romania, the United States, France, Spain, Iran, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Mexico, Vietnam and so on. This year the number of overseas visitors grouped rapidly,and they showed great interest to the products and metal metallurgical equipment of our country, and some of them are country's official comprador,therefore, it is obviously that The exhibition is internationalization, and to a certain extent, it promotes the growth of import and export.
    The famous visitor groups at home are as followings:
    Midea Group,GREE ELECTRIC APPLIANCES,INC.OF ZHUHAI, GUANGDONG CHIGO AIR CONDITIONING CO., LTD, Hitachi Elevator (China) Co. ,Ltd, BYD Company Limited, LG Electronics,Gaungzhou Guangzhong Enterprise Group Corp, GAC TOYOTA ENGINE., LTD, Guangdong Xinbao Electrical Appliances Holdings Co., Ltd, China Chamber of International Commerce,
    HYOSUNG GROUP, Eagle-stationery group, Henkel AG & Co. KGaA, Sanyo Elevator Co., Ltd. CSSC-GZS COMPANY, HMC, ZHIRUI INTERNATIONAL PURCHASING AND SO ON
    3. The Best Platform for Industrial Information Exchange
    The 12th China (Guangzhou) International Metal & Metallurgy Exhibition which is the best communication platform for domestic metal and metallurgy industry to show the latest technology and to exchange the latest information. The exhibitors pay high attentions to the exhibition; they delectated to decorate the booth to show their bright images to the visitors and endeavored to display their latest products and technologies.
    The 12th China (Guangzhou) International Metal & Metallurgy Exhibition takes the responsibility to renew the old slow metal and metallurgy market; it gathered key enterprises and manufacturers of metal and metallurgy industry and invited all kinds of visitors, which is to explore the development of the metal and metallurgy industry.
    4. Booth reservation at the exhibition
    in the 12th exhibition scenes, there are about 10000 square meters booth reservations for the next year.
    Tisco 130sqm,HengDa Stainless Steel Welded Tubes Manufacture (Zhaoqing) Co., Ltd 45 sqm, Yangzi River Delta Association of Sheet Metal 210sqm, Shenzhen Sino Master Steel Sheet Co., Ltd 72sqm, YICHANG THREE GORGES QUANTONG COATED AND GALVANIZED PLATE CO.,LTD. 156sqm, Shandong Tangrong Steel Co., Ltd 18sqm, JIANGYIN WALSIN SPECIALTY ALLOY MATERIALS CO.,LTD 114sqm, Guangzhou Mysun Mechanical & Electrical Co., Ltd 36sqm, Sutor Group 90sqm, XI'AN WALSIN METAL PRODUCTS CO.,LTD 36sqm, Liqin (HK)Co., Ltd Dongguan Reputation 36sqm, Yatai 40sqm, Dong Guan Jin Ding Machine Co., Ltd 54sqm, Dongguan Jin Ding Machine Co., Ltd 54sqm, Zhenxin 18sqm, Gopoing 18sqm, Dongguang Likexing Spring Machinery Co.,Ltd 54sqm, DONGGUAN KAICHUANG PRECISION MACHINERY CO.,LTD 100sqm, Xinghua Suyuan Jingwei Pipes Manufacture Co., Ltd 18sqm, Shengzhou Gold Lion Spring Machine Co.,Ltd 81sqm, Guilin Wintime Testing Machine Co.,Ltd 18sqm, Jiangsu advance Stainless Products Limited 36sqm, Ganxin 18sqm, and so on. Some of our regular customers increased the booths based on the original foundation, for instant, U.S.A Ametek Inc/ Germeny Spectro Analysis Co., Ltd 36sqm, Dongguan Tianqi Machinery Co., Ltd. 60sqm, Dongguan Guangjin CNC Equipment Co., Ltd 36sqm, Dongguan Guangjin CNC Equipment Co., Ltd 36sqm, Luoyang Xianheng CNC Machine Tool Co., Ltd 72sqm, Shizai 36sqm, Taisheng 36sqm, Dongguan Youhui Machinery Co., Ltd/ Lijia(Dongguan)Spring Equipment Co., Ltd 36sqm. All the results showed that our exhibition made great success.
    The General Description of the 12th China (Guangzhou) International Metal &Metallurgy Exhibition
    1. The Total Number of the Exhibitors is 2,581.Domestic: 2,018 Foreign: 563
    2. The display of the exhibits, the equipment is account for 38%, materials account for 35%, parts such as specific products accounted for 27%
    3. The Total Number of the Visitors is 28,966.Domestic: 20,888 Foreign: 8,078
    Domestic visitors mainly came from: Guangdong, Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Fujian, Hunan, Guangxi, Shandong, Anhui, Jiangxi, Chongqing and so on. Overseas visitors mainly comes from: Malaysia, Australia, Germany, Ukraine, South Korea, Japan, India, Egypt, Thailand, Russia, Romania, the United States, France, Spain, Iran, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Mexico, Vietnam…… and so on.
    4. The sampling check of Satisfaction from visitors
    4.1 The overall evaluation of the exhibition
    4.2 The varies purposes of the visitors and whether to meet the expected purpose
    According to Statistical data, the visitors mainly came from the following fields. Machinery, Hardware, Household Appliances, Metal and Metallurgy, Automobile, Petrochemical, Electronics, Medical, Construction, etc.. Among the visitors, the number of audiencie from Machinery industry is 2,787, Hardware is 5,315, Household Appliances is 2,218, Metal and Metallurgy is2,226 Automobile is 1417, Petrochemical 3215, Electronics is 3319, Medical is 2890, Construction is 3291.
    5. The Supported Media
    Stainless Steel Information, www.cswpn.com, www.51bxg.com,www.info.bxgtd.com, www.wfggw.com, Metal Tube, Metallurgical Equipment, www.bxgzj.com, Stainless Steel Special , www.cpi.org.cn, www.custeel.com, Metal World, Century Tube, www.gqsoso.com, Russian Special Steel Alloy Consumer Supply Association, Special Casting and Nonferrous Alloys, Foundry, Foundry Engineering, China Forging Press Association, Machinery and Manufacturing Technology, Metallurgical Equipment Shopper, India Stainless Steel Association, www.hqthw.com, www.888th.com.cn, www.3-spring.com etc..
    If you want to get more information about the exhibition, please contact Mrs Meiwen Tel: 020-38621295/38620782, Fax: 020-38620781, e-mail: julangmeiwen@126.com
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