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    The Presentation of The 10th China (Guangzhou) Int'l Metal & Metallurgy Exhibition
    “The 10th China (Guangzhou) Int’l Metal & Metallurgy Exhibition ” has draw the curtain faultlessly. Thanks to every exhibitor, visitor, and all social sectors.
    The exhibition is consist of five items: 1. platemetal, bar, wire, metal processing and setting equipment; 2. stainless steel industry and tube & pipe industry exhibition; 3. fasteners、spring & equipment exhibition; 4. casting products, die casting, foundry and industrial furnace; 5.sheet-metal forging, stamping and the equipment. We exhibit the the raw materials, processing technology , equipment and products. which highlights the profession of the related industry ,also shows the whole sence of 5 sectors ideally at the same time. As its large-scale, speciality and the exhibits are inter-related and inter-dependent. So it is forming a complete industrial chain and play an enormous chain effect. lots of the exhibitors made big deals. As a result, there were 45% exhibitors of the 10th exhibitions has booked the next exhibitons’ booths.
    1. Highlights of the exhibition
    The Guanzhou Int’l Metal & Metallurgy Exhibition is the most specialized Metal exhibition of the largest scale and greatest influence in China. There are 770 companies from China mainland, Taiwan, Hongkong, USA, Canada, Italy, Germany, UK, Netherlands, Russia, India, Japan, South korea, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand,etc. More than 30 countries and regions showcase the newest tech and trend in 30000 sqms exhibition hall. There are many highlights in the 10th China (Guangzhou) Int’l metal & metallurgy exhibition.
    No.1: Metal giants enterprises gathering
    Athough the whole industry is suffering from the financial crisis, many strong steel enterprises continues to support this years’ metal show in Guangzhou. The leading metal & metallurgy corporations which include Baosteel, Ansteel, Masteel, Taigang group, Wuhan Iron and Steel, Shougang Group, Panzhihua Iron & Steel Group, Jiuquan Iron & steel group, Dongbei special steel group, Nanjing steel group and Hebei Steel group, etc.
    No.2: A massive agitprop campaign
    Succeeding the excellent track record of the last 9 editions, Guangzhou metal & metallurgy Exhibition 2009 attracted more than 300 professional & authoritative media to report the preparations and the latest news for the exhibition.which help us to make a large number of professional buyers know the exhibition. such as Samsung, Siemens, Sony, Hyundai, Shenzhen BYD and other well-known multinational companies specially call the organization for the tickets. It’s said that they know the news of this show from various professional websites and magazines.
    No.3: Joint Hands for Exploring Opportunities to deal with the financial crisis
    Suffering from the financial crisis, the development of the whole industry has slow down. However, Guangzhou Julang Exhibition Co., Ltd., the organizing committee of the 10th China Guangzhou Int’l Metal & Metallurgy Exhibition and the exhibitors have positive attitude to the economic downturn. So the audience to visit this exhibiton is 10% more than the previous year.
    No.4: limit the duration
    There was a largest feature in this year. That is, the exhibitors and visitors made the negotiation very quickly. Well, time is money. In fact, more than 40% of the visitors requested the exhibitors list and booth map from the organization before the exhibition began. They quickly found out the exhibitors and exhibits in which they were intrested when they arrived the exhibition. we know the whole environment is not satisfy because of the lack of raw material, incresing price,and finacial crisis. But the retailer still show great interests to the high tech and wide range products. All of them prepare to purchase for next period. The details indicated that prove this exhibition attract lots of attention from metal industry home and aboard. As well as other walls of society, which become the indispensable annual grand meeting and stage for professionals.
    2.Analyse of the exhibitors’ data
    As the leading industry of the whole economy, metal & metallurgy industry firstly suffering from the financial crisis. Everyone engages in this profession is hard. At this time, The 10th China (Guangzhou) Int’l Metal & Metallurgy Exhibition provided a grand stage for the entrepreneurs to discuss the developing strategy. The most famous metal & metallurgy corporations including the Baosteel, Ansteel, Masteel, Taigang group, Wuhan Iron and Steel, Shougang Group, Panzhihua Iron & Steel Group, Jiuquan Iron & steel group, Dongbei special steel group, Nanjing steel group and Hebei Steel group, etc. leaded Chinese steel industry to extend the market. Baosteel, Ansteel and Taigang Steel Group bought 210 sqm booth which are larger than last year’s.
    You can fine the famous enterprises in item of platemetal, bar, wire, metal processing and setting equipment. Such as Changshu Huaye Color Sheet Co.,Ltd, CiBao Group, Shenzhen Sino Master Steel Sheet Co.,Ltd, Zhejiang Tiannu Color Steel Co.,Ltd, Jiangsu Shenghui Precision Metal Sheet Co.,Ltd, Sandmeyer Steel Company, Mario Frigerio S.pA, Zhejiang LiTai Metal Co.,Ltd, Xiangtan Iron & Steel Co.,Ltd of Hunan Valin, Jiangsu Fasten Group Co.,Ltd, Lianzhong Stainless Steel Corporation, Rising Steel (Guangzhou) Co.,Ltd, etc. The biggest booth which was 250 sqms was belong to Rising Steel(Guangzhou)Co.,Ltd. Mr. Sun, the manager of Sente steel tell the organization:”I feel many audience know our products well. Participating in this exhibition develop many new clients for us. ”
    In the item of stainless steel industry and tube & pipe industry exhibition, the famouse companys list: the Panyu Chu Kong Steel Pipe Co., Ltd. Tianjin Youfa Group Co.,Ltd, Zhejiang Jinzhou group, Cangzhou Zhongrun steel pipe, Foshan Jinyi Pipes Manufactureing Co.,Ltd, Jiangsu Kylin Tube Manufacture Co.,Ltd., Wenzhou Huzen Steel Pipe Co., Ltd. Foshan Yaolong Metals Co. Ltd, etc. he Panyu Chu Kong Steel Pipe Co., Ltd take down the largest booth(270 sqm). Mr. He who is in charge of Taiwan Qiaosheng Electrical Manufacturing Co.,Ltd said: ”We are going to sell 4 equipments, two of the clients is overseas. ”
    In the casting products, die casting foundry and industrial furnace, the Italy die casting association, Guang Dong Wencan Die Casting Co.,Ltd, Modern Metal & Refining Co.,Ltd, E-ande.(HK)Ltd, Nanhai Hoyang Metal Techology Co.,Ltd, AMETEK Inc., Oxford Instruments, Hongkong Diecasting association, etc showed a shining image.
    For the fasteners、spring & equipment exhibition, it was deserves the exhibitors and visitors’s full attention that the organization jointed with the China screw net, Haiyan fastener chamber of commerce, Hongkong screw association, Wenzhou fastener association, Yongnian Hebei fastener association,etc. more than 5 organizations to held the exhibition. meantime there were a Guangzhou Int’l fasteners purchasing meeting 2009 and CFS the 4th China screw meeting. There were 300 fastener companys taking part in the exhibition. Including the Joting Spring Machinery Co.,Ltd, Yisheng, Kaichuang, Yonglian, Dongguan Vinston Automation Co.,ltd, Max, DongZheng Machine Co., Ltd and so on. Kaiwen Machinery Hardware Industry Co.,Ltd and Joting Spring Machinery Co.,Ltd had seld out all the fastener equipments showed in exhibition. Which made them the winner in this year’s exhibition.
    The exhibitor showed high praises of the good organization and friendly service. Especially for the special visitors and Large Volume. The exhibitors’s survey shows that most exhibitiors were satisfied with exhibition effect and they achived their expectation. They explained that the exhibition was internationalization and large volume business. Notablely, the exhibitor hold satisfaction attitude to this exhibtion effect. there were 45% exhibitors of the 10th exhibitions has booked the next exhibitons’ booths..
    Following is the Sample survey of exhibitors:
    First, How did the exhibitors rate the overall result of the fair,

    Second, evaluate the purchasers& audiences,

    Third,Whether to participate in the next exhibition?
    3. Analyse of the audiences’ data
    There were 23,358 audiences to visit the exhibition. among which, 35% wasprofessional traders and 2803 visitors were overseas’ purchasers .98% foreign visitor aimed at purchasing and cooperating with our Chinese manufactures.And many purchasing groupsfrom France, Spanish, UK, Russia, South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Singapor,etc. One thousand miles they run for this exhibition because they knew they can get the best equipment and products here. Furthermore, they can make business with the large powerful metal and metallurgy companys.
    Following is the Sample survey of exhibitors:
    First.audiences from which area
    Second. audience evaluate the whole exhibition
    Third, What did the visitors come for? Did they achieve their visiting objectives?
    We interviewed 100 audiences in the exhibition. Among them, someone said, he visited the exhibition every year. He saw these companys growed up with the exhibition. Such as, Shenzhen Jibang Industry Co., Ltd, Foshan Yaolong Metals Co. Ltd, Joting Spring Machinery Co.,Ltd, Dongguan Sanda Spring Machinery Co., Ltd., Dongguan Vinston Automation Co.,ltd, Yongxing Steel co.,ltd., Lianzhong Stainless Steel Corporation, etc. Their booths is more and more larger, and the products is more and more high-tech. 93% visitors show praise of the exhibitors’scale, decoration of the booths, equipments, and staff’s image of exhibition and the new style, good qualities and the many verities of products as well. A large number of visitors thought that this exhibition was an indispensible stage for them to study technology and purchase products of good quality. This exhibition reached such an effect: they come and must buy; they buy and buy what they need.
    4、See you next year:
    Although the exhibition is over, there are still lots of the audiences keeps contacting the exhibitors. One year‘s hard work made our exhibitors grinned from ear to ear,which demonstrated our ultimate goal-Your smile is my wish. We are sure we will continue deserving ourselvies to perfect every year’s China(Guangzhou) International Metal and & Metallurgy Exhibition.See you next year during June.23 to 26.
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