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    Chinese steel export to fall back in H2 - CISA

    Chinese steel export to fall back in H2 - CISA

    The latest statistics by China Iron and Steel Association shows that, China has exported 23.58 million tonnes finished steel products and 0.116 million tonnes slabs in H1 equal to 25.20 million tonnes crude steel and up by 15.25 million tonnes or 153%YoY.

    Mr Luo Bingsheng executive vice president of CISA said "The resuming international steel demand and Asian economy stimulated China steel export in the first half of this year. However, in terms of the present market trend, China steel export will fall back in H2."

    As Mr Luo said "Chinese steel export rebate adjustment, as effective on July 15th, will restrict the export of low value added steel products as for the increasing export cost. Besides, the present international steel market has already been oversupplied, leading to a price fall as a result which will absolutely cap China steel export. Further more the international protectionism is enlarging all the time."

    Mr Luo figured out that "China has witnessed an export volume increase but price fall in the first half of this year. In addition, export of high value added steel pipes was greatly impacted by the dual-investigation at the same time. However, export of such low value added steel products as HR sheet and common carbon sections jumped a lot, which are all adverse to steel industry structure adjustment."

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