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    The 10th China Guangzhou IntĄŻl Metal & Metallurgy Exhibition Launched Grand Opening on June 23, 2009
    The 10th China Guangzhou IntĄŻl Metal & Metallurgy Exhibition Launched Grand Opening on June 23, 2009
    The 10th China Guangzhou IntĄŻl Metal & Metallurgy Exhibition, which is hosted by Guangzhou Julang Exhibition Co., Ltd., China Iron and Steel Association and China Non-ferrous Metals Industry Association, Metallurgical Council of CCPIT will be held during June 23rd to 26th, in the largest Fair of Asia -- China Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex in Guangzhou, Guangdong province. P. R. China. The show is Around 50 thousand ŠO exhibiting area. It still keeps the most effective and most potential metal & metallurgy exhibition in Asia.
    Guangzhou IntĄŻl Metal & Metallurgy Exhibition being the No.1 Metal Fair in Asia
    Succeeding the excellent track record of the last 9 editions, Guangzhou metal & metallurgy Exhibition 2009 is able to showcase a larger exhibition scale with the support from around 500 renowned exhibitors. The leading metal & metallurgy corporations which include Baosteel, Ansteel, Laiwu Steel, Masteel, Taigang group, Wuhan Iron and Steel, Shougang Group, Guangzhou Iron & Steel, Jigang Group, Panzhihua Iron & Steel Group, Jiuquan Iron & steel group, etc. as well as the Panyu Pearl River Steel, Hunan Hualing Steel, Zhejiang Litai Metal, Jiangsu Fasten,, Tianjin Youfa, Beijing Liman, Zhang Jiagang Dingtai Precision Machinery, Changshu Huaye Color Sheet Co.,Ltd, Jainan Chin Chang, Rising Steel(Guangzhou), Jingcheng Machinery, Ci Bao Group, Foshan Top Fair Special, Qinhuangdao Tongye Cool Rolled Band Steel Strip, Guo Dong Copper Manufacture, Xian New Era Magnetomotive, Ningbo Zhongda Metal Casting Industry, YESO Insulating Products, Joting Spring Machinery, Wenzhou Jinpin Machinery, Dongguan Vinston Automation, Jiangsu Kylin Tube, Zhejiang Singsheng Steel Pipe, Ulbrich from America, Our Metals Ltd. From England, Capitole Press S.L. of Spain, Matsumoto & Co., Inc. in Japan, etc. The Liaocheng Steel Pipe Association of Shandong Province has organized its members as our exhibitors group. Therefore, the 10th China Guangzhou IntĄŻl metal & metallurgy Exhibition become the spotlighted metal & metallurgy event for industry professionals, particularly under the current economic downturn.
    Miss Meiwen who is in charge of this exhibition tell us, China Guangzhou IntĄŻl metal & metallurgy Exhibition has held for 9 editions. The show scale extended 30% every edition. Last year, there were 762 companies from the mainland, Taiwan, Hongkong, USA, Italy, Germany, UK, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Japan, South korea, Singapore, Malaysia and India Ą­30 countries and regions showcase the newest tech and trend in 30,000ŠO exhibition hall. The foreign companies made up 20% of the whole exhibitors. Such as the DSR, Stainless Steel Club Of Korea, Germany Melchers (Shanghai) ltd., KTechŁŹetc. In addition, there were several international VIP delegation from Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Russia, Nigeria and Vietnam Ą­, according to last exhibition statistics, there was 52378 person-time arrive the fair. 90% of all is professional visitor. This Fair has been the metal & metallurgy purchasersĄŻ pageant of year in Asia. ItĄŻs the largest scale, most internationalization, and most authority metal & metallurgy events for industry professionals.

    Joint Hands by the Government and Industrial Players for Exploring Opportunities
    Guangzhou Julang Exhibition Co., Ltd., the organizing committee of the 10th China Guangzhou IntĄŻl Metal & Metallurgy Exhibition and the exhibitors have positive attitude to the economic downturn. And the Chinese Government introduces new measures to stimulate financial crisis now. For example, the minor enterprise participate in internal exhibition, the government will make up 40% exhibition expenditure.
    It was 3 months to the beginning of the exhibition. The booths have been sold out about 65%. And lots of professional visitors and purchasers have registered on our website. We get strong support from many metal & metallurgy organization. Such as Our Metals Ltd. From England, Capitole Press S.L. of Spain, Matsumoto & Co., Inc. in Japan, The Liaocheng Steel Pipe Association of Shandong Province will organize their members and clients to participate the the 10th China Guangzhou IntĄŻl metal & metallurgy exhibition.
    Various Splendid activity will be held, providing the Most Up-to-date Market news
    During the 2009 China Guangzhou IntĄŻl metal & metallurgy Industry Exhibition, it will be the exhibitionĄŻs birthday of ten years old. At that time, the organizer company Guangzhou Julang Exhibition Co. Ltd. will host the tenth anniversary celebration activity. After the activity there will be an excellent party hosted on a luxury Yacht with the beautiful view of Pearl River. A number of well-known industry experts and leaders will discuss the tube logistic cost under the financial crisis, how to open up export markets in the the condition of Europe anti-dumping, and new modes of marketing metal and so on. All the exhibitors and purchasers can share the beautiful night scenery of Pearl River. The manager of Guangzhou Julang Exhibition co., ltd. tells us that the foreign purchasers they invite was selected seriously. They are all the professional metal & metallurgy buyers. They are interested in metal products. And the Chinese visitors who will come to the 10th Guangzhou IntĄŻl metal & metallurgy exhibition mostly are purchasing managers of Chinese well-known enterprises from various industry area as the Petroleum, chemical industry, electric power, mechanical, metallurgy, health, building, water treatment ect., they have an annual purchase quantity and the procurement lists and notes.
    It is known that The Guangzhou Julang Exhibition Co. Ltd is going to sent 600,000 admission tickets of this fair to the the professional metal & metallurgy purchasers. The exhibitions news has been spread to more than 200 special medias home and abroad. The organizer expect that there will be more than 60,000 special purchasers attend the exhibition.
    Fore more information regarding the events, please contact Ms. Meiwen / Miss Vivian Xu of Guangzhou Julang Exhibition Co. Ltd. Tel (86)-20-38621265 / 38621295 or Email: yesvivian@126.com / julangmeiwen@126.com.
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    The 10th China Guangzhou IntĄŻl Metal & Metallurgy Industry Exhibition
    Issued by Guangzhou Julang Exhibition Co. Ltd.
    Fore further information, please contact Ms. Meiwen / Miss Vivian Xu
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