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    The 9th China (Guangzhou) International Meta&Metallurgy Exhibition  report
    The 9th China (Guangzhou) International Meta&Metallurgy Exhibition  report
    Having held between 23th -26th June 2008 at the largest exhibition hall-China Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex, the 9th China (Guangzhou) International Metal & Metallurgy Exhibition was accomplished succesfully, which was held by Julang Exhibition Company and approved or supported by the Department of Foreign Trade and Economic cooperation of Guangdong Province, Guangdong Provincial Administration for Industry & Commerce, Guangzhou Intellectual Property Office, Guangzhou Public Security Bureau and Guangzhou Fire Protection Bureau.This exhibition is composed of five theme exhibitions: 1.sheets,tube,pipe,bar,wire and metal processing setting equipment,2.stainless steel; 3.Fastener,spring and the equipments; 4.casting,foundry,die-casting,heat-treatment,industrial furnace; 5.sheet-metal forging, stamping and the equipment; The products in the trade show range from metal to processed metal products and metal processing equipments, which highlights the profession of the related industry ,also shows the whole sence of five sectors ideally at the same time.
    1¡¢The general exhibition
    There are 762 companies from mainland, Taiwan, Hongkong, USA, Italy, Germany, UK, Netherlands, Saudi Aradia, Dubai, Japan, South korea, Singapore, Malaysia, India ¡­30 countries and regions showcase the newest tech and trend in 30000 sqms exhibition hall. In addition, more than 300 media around the world contribute a lot to us,such as tube links(USA),  <<Spring>> magaine USA,        <<Industrial Heating Magazine>> USA, Me steel.com, <<MPT>> Germany, <<Die Casting World>> Uk, Our steel (UK),
    <<Tube&Pipe Technology>> UK,<<Steel Times International>> UK,<<Euro Wire>> Euro,<<Metal Casting Technologies>> Australia,JETRO (Japan),<<Steel World>>IN-dia, Metal Junction India, <<Metal World>> India, Foundry Association(Taiwan), mysteel.net, <<Metallurgy Management>>, Steel Home Network,
    China Steel Trade Network, 3-spring Network, 888 Springinfo Network, Yuan Tang Stainless Steel Network,China Die-casting Network,Sipu Spring Info Network,China Chongya Network,China Fastener Trade Network,China Flange&forge Network,<<Machine Automate Industry>>,<<Steel Pipe>>£¬ <<ASIA FASTENER & HARDWARE>>,<<INDUSTRIAL FURNACE>>£¬<<Today Foundry>>£¬¡¶FOUNDRY¡·etc.The power of the proganation spread all corners in the world. Except the brakout of the large numbers of the exhibitiors and propaganation ,the numbers of visitors made a new record. From the first day to the end,visitors kept incresing day by day. In all, about 68532 persontime joined us, among which, 98%were professionals and 30% were foreigners ,98% foreign visitor aimed at purchasing and cooperating with our Chinese manufactures.According to the vistors¡¯investigate, we know the whole environment is not satisfacty because of the lack of raw material, incresing price, but the retailer still show great interests to the high tech and wide range product, all of them do purchasing action actively for next period. The details before indicated that effection of our own exhibition attract lots of attention from metal industry home and aboard and other walls of society, which become the indispensable annual grand meeting and stage for professionals
    communicating and negociating business.
    2¡¢ powerful exhibitiors team
    Metal material sector: The South Korea Delegation, MCC Hengtong Cold Rolling Technology Co.Ltd., Hangzhou Xingri Steel Plate Material Co., Ltd, Lianghao Group, Hebei changfeng, Wuxi Huaye Group, Changrun Group, NMT,CHINA IRON & STEEL RESEARCH INST.GR, Hangzhou Litian, Juyi Tube, HeBei ZhongGang, Bazhou wanlu, Shenfeng Steel, Yingkou Panpan, Tanshan Donghai Steel Group, Wuxi Lian Chuang, Fujian Xinhai, Kunshan Heji, Tengzhou Tri-Union Machinery Co.,ltd., i Xing Copper Manufactory Co.,Ltd ect.
    Stainless sector: Zhejiang Yongshang, Jiashang, Guangzhou Yatai, Guangda Yinghe, Shengyang, Zhejiang Tenglong, Shangdong Tengda, Anshan Dongya, Ulbrich(Asia), Zhejiang Yingsheng, JACQUET (Shanghai), South Korea (1. ONESTAINLESS CO.,LTD, ¡¢2¡¢BESTEEL special pipes Co.,Ltd, 3¡¢Shinkwang Co.,Ltd¡¢4¡¢SEYU SPECIAL STEEL CO., LTD¡¢5¡¢Stainless steel club Of kosa¡¢6¡¢Hwa sung STS¡¢7¡¢Pungsung Precision Tube Co., Ltd¡¢8¡¢DINE TRADING CO., LTD.¡¢9¡¢SAMJUNG SBT CO., LTD¡¢10¡¢EQ jointech Co., Ltd¡¢11¡¢SHIMDO METAL TECH CO.,LTD£©¡¢Wenzhou Juren, Qinghuangdao Yandaguohai ect.
    Foudry sector: Guangzhou Chen Gao, Bowers Metrology, Nabertherm (Shanghai), Jiangmen Yatai, Teking Mitsubishi, LTM(SuZhou), Guangzhou Iron and Steel Co.,Ltd., Jiangmen Jiangyi, Nanjing Sheshan Furnace(Group), METAL Group, Gualr Dolyg Strong Metal, Dynacast China, Jiangmen Xinbeili ect.
    Spring, Fastener Sector: ESSEBI(Shanghai), Zhejiang Youxin, Shanghai Chun Zu Machinery Industry, Taixin Engine, Shixi Machnery, Hydrauli Co Sa, Kai wen (Jiangxi), Longjianglong Precision, Guangzhou Jiansheng Hardware, Yihan Hardware, Qiangxin Hardware, Zhejiang Guangan, General Screw Manufacture co.,Ltd, Accuvision Co.,Ltd, Wenzhou Chifeng, Taiwan Quanrong Spring Machinery Co.,Ltd, Lilin Steel, Jiancai Machinery, Dongguan Sanda, Jinyuanfa, Guanghong Control ect.
    Sheet-metal: Holland Kinkelder, FoShan Nanhai LiFeng Machine tool Co., Ltd, Dongguan Liyuan, FoShan Nanhai LiFeng, Dongguan Liyuan Hydraulic, Alloy Seiko Industry£¬Zhanxiang Technology ect.
    3 The satisfaction of the attendant
    3.1 the satisfaction of the exhibitior
    The exhibitor speak high praises of the propoganda, secuity, cheaness, arrangment, catalogue information as well. The exhibitors¡¯s survey shows that most exhibitiors are satisfied with exhibition effect and they achive their expectation, 88% exhibitors overseas thought it ¡°very good¡± and ¡°good¡±, 12% thought ot ¡°ok¡±: Regarding the business negociation, 58% overseas exhibitiors have turnover,75% will have further business talk,58% exhibition from mainland also have turnover, 70% are going to communicate with their target customers after the exhibition. Notablely, the exhibitor hold satisfaction attitude to this exhibtion effect.
    The representative Miss Lina Kim of South Korea Delegation express that there is not only a huge market but also the new and high technology in China and the visitor both from China and abroad show great interests to our South Korean new product and high tech. Except the business value,we learn and communicate a lot from the business talk in these days, I would like to show my great gratitute to you authority offering us this grand stage.
    At the exhibition, staff of Taixin Machine Corporation (TX) and YanDaGuoHai Corporation (YDGH) both express the same highlights------ visitors have strong professional and explicit aim of procurement. The Foreign Trade Manager of YDGH said that, in this year, foreign clients he negotiated with came from more than twenty countries and learnt their products very much. He has noted the contacts of those clients for further detailed negociation. Vice manager of TX said that there came so many Indian and Italian clients yesterday to our stand that he had to turn to the organizer for a provisional translator and he signed four equipment contracts in one day. He said that there their products gained more international market opportunities.
    3.2  the Satisfaction of the Visitor 
    95% visitors speak very highly of the scale, decoration of the booth, equipments, and staff¡¯s image of exhibition and the new style, good qualities and the many verities of products as well. A large number of visitors think that this exhibition is an indispensible stage for them to study technology and purchase products of good quality. This exhibition reaches such an effect: they come and must buy; they buy and buy what they need.
    4  Highlights of the exhibition
    The exhibitor, as well as the visitor has a big highlight------exhibiting and visiting in groups. For example, the Stainless Steel Club of Kosa (Korea Iron&Steel Association), an authoritative association in Korean metal industry, organizes many companies to come here to exhibit their product and tech and those are all famous metal material producers in Korea. Besides, more than twenty groups home and aboard come and visit this occasion, such as The Selangor & Kuala Lumpur & Engineering Industry Association(Malaysia), Thai Foundrymen¡¯s Society, Spetsstal Association(Russia), Association of Zhejiang Yongnian Fastener, China's steel Spot Network Member and Association of Wenzhou Fastener from China, etc, of which , the associations of Malaysia and Thailand come to visit the factories and companies of more than ten exhibitors in this exhibition, such asYueying¡¢Xianjin¡¢Zhegao¡¢Shichuang ect. Both sides get satisfactory effect and form a friendly long-term cooperation relationship. Many exhibitors give rings to us to give thanks and good praise to this exhibition. So far, 40% booths of 2009 have been sold.
    This exhibtion is over, the warm atmosphere of the negociation here stayed in every one¡¯s heart. One year ¡®s hard work made our exhibitors smiling fron ear to ear,which demonstrated our ultimate goal-Your smil is my wish. We are sure we will continue deserving ourselvies to perfect every year¡¯s China(Guangzhou) International Metal and & Metallurgy Exhibition.Seeking it at 40 % increasing rate,we will forge a first ¨Cclass international exhibition with the scale of 80000 sqms, making it the owner of the reputation ¡°barometer¡± and ¡°vane¡± of the metal and metallurgy undustry in the world.
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