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    The headquarter of Youfa Group locates at the largest welded pipe production base in China-Daqiuzhuang Village, Tianjin city. we are a corporate company that not only could manufacture ERW steel pipe, hot-dipped galvanized steel pipe, SSAW steel pipe, oil casing pipe, square\rectangular steel pipe, and plastic inner-lined galvanized steel pipe, but also could make steel billet, deformed steel bar, steel strip, and hot-rolled sheet. We have 34 ERW steel pipe,production lines,
    16 hot-dipped galvanized steel pipe production lines, 9 SSAW steel pipe production lines, 3 oil casing pipe production lines, 6 square\rectangular steel pipe production lines, 5 plastic inner-lined galvanized steel pipe production lines, 4 hot-rolled sheet production lines, 1 national accredited laboratory, 1 Tianjin accredited business technology center and 1 steel-making enterprise. The designed annual production capacity of ERW steel pipe is 3.5 million tons, hot-dipped galvanized pipe 1.3 million tons, SSAW steel pipe 250,000 tons, oil casing pipe 250,000 tons, square\rectangular steel pipe 350,000 tons, inner-lined plastic galvanized pipe 50,000 tons, hot-rolled sheet 250,000 tons, steel strip 2.2 million tons, billets 1 million tons, deformed steel bar 800,000 tons. Youfa Group has been rated as the first batch of enterprises exempted from inspection in national wide, the first batch of enterprises of well-known trademarks in China and the only enterprise rated as top 500 enterprises of China in the same industry. Youfa Group is the strongest welded steel pipe manufacturing group, and YOFA brand is the No.1 brand in the same industry of China. Our products are sold to all over the country and exported to more than 50 countries such as the EU, the United States, Australia, Southeast, Asia, the Middle East, etc. They are widely used in a number of key projects: the Three Gorges Project, the Capital International Airport, Shanghai Pudong International Airport, the 2008 Olympic Games venues, China (Hong Kong) Limited Gas International natural gas renovation project, Jin Jin highway state project, etc. Youfa: Founding in good faith. We view credibility as life. Friend is the first; Youfa is the second. This is our unchangeable operating principle. Mission, strength of progress with sound of horn; Overpass: the Sonata in harmony agitation. Quality shows noble. Beauty stems from power. Conceived in the Bohai Sea coast, Youfa people are writing a magnificent music with their wisdom and passion.
    ADD: Yaoshun vacation village, Daqiuzhuang, Jinghai, Tianjin, China
    PC: 301606
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    Add:Room 3A05-3A06,Building A1Xinghui Park,Huaming Road 29,Pearl River New City,Guangzhou,510623,China