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    Taiwan stainless steel output up Jan-May: imports, exports down
        Taiwan's stainless steel sheets output in January-May 2008 inched up 0.6% year on year to 1,453,607 mt, according to the latest production report from the Taiwan Steel and Iron Industries Association.

    A total of 957,245 mt of hot-rolled sheets and 496,362 mt of cold-rolled sheets were produced in January-May 2008. These represented a 0.3% rise in hot-rolled sheets from a year ago, and a 1.2% year on year increase in cold-rolled sheets.

    In May 2008, Taiwan's stainless steel output was 297,875 mt; comprising of 194,183 mt of hot-rolled sheets and 103,692 mt of cold-rolled sheets. In comparison, May 2007 output was 195,028 mt of hot-rolled and 99,880 mt of cold-rolled, totaling 294,908 mt.

    Meanwhile, Taiwan's import of stainless steel fell 5% year on year to 170,796 mt in January-May 2008, comprising 120,486 mt of hot-rolled sheets and 50,310 mt of cold-rolled sheets.

    For May 2008, imports totaled 50,390 mt with 37,228 mt of hot-rolled and 13,162 mt of cold-rolled, compared with 40,001 mt, 27,342 mt and 12,659 mt rexpectively, year on year.

    Exports totaled 397,231 mt in January-May 2008, down 2% from a year ago. Among these exports, 73,767 mt were hot-rolled and 323,464 mt cold-rolled.

    In May 2008, total exports were 50,390 mt with 37,228 mt of hot-rolled and 13,162 mt of cold-rolled. In comparison, May 2007 exports were 78,646 mt with 19,041 mt of hot-rolled and 59,605 mt of cold-rolled.
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